Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I woke up this morning in my bed at home. I had on my black lace cheeky panty. I was feeling really horny this morning. I was under the sheets with my hands wrapped around the pillow. I could feet my pussy aching for pleasure. 

I knew I had to make it to work in time. but I still could not resist the urge to rub my pussy a little. I got up and placed the pillow in the center of my bed. Then I sat on top of the pillow with the legs spread apart and started to pub the pussy on the pillow. I grabbed the pillow with my two hands rubbed on pussy rigorously on the pillow. My pussy started to fellow good. My panties black panties were getting a little wet and they were getting in the way. 

I took my panties off and placed them on the side of the bed. I laid my self on top of the pillow and began to rub myself on it. I could feel the heat building up in my pussy. Soon after I started to orgasm. My pussy exploded with pleasure and my whole body jerked. I grabbed tighter onto the pillow. I laid there in ecstasy taking deep breaths. I was on top of the pillow with my big juicy ass facing the heavens as my cheeky panty lay on the side

I rarely ever masturbate in the morning but tonight I was really feeling it. I masturbate when I am stressed and lately things have got me really stressed out at work. I am going to hit the bar tonight with my girl friend and see if I can find someone to satisfy my needs.


  1. Very hot, looking forward to more

  2. Hey Deb,

    commenting your blog, as promised. Hot, hot ;)



  3. hi...u still like strap on + small penis humiliation? :)